The Yucatán Peninsula is an area of Mexico where Steve Austin made a successful rescue of Ambassador Scott. "The Company" had kidnapped Scott and held him in a temple there in the hopes of extorting a ransom from the United States Government. Scott's precise location while a hostage was what "the Company" called "Project 120 Station", a Mayan temple excavation site. (The Solid Gold Kidnapping)


  • A title card establishes the location simply as "Mexico". However, Julian Peck's dialogue specifically places the temple in the Mexican part of the Yucatán Peninsula. This would be roughly consistent with Steve and Abassador Scott's discussion about "Mayan" architecture. However, some establishing shots cast doubt on the location. In particular, some aerial shots are actually of Palenque in the state of Chiapas, an extreme southern state which is not usually considered a part of the Yucatán Peninsula. Other clues, such as a labeled statue of Tetlepanquetzal and shots of the Avenue of the Dead in Teotihuacán, suggest that the location is an Aztec site around the present day Mexico City.

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