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The XJ-7 is an experimental aircraft.  The XJ-7 was capable of being assembled or dissambled quickly.  According to Larry Stover, a pilot and engineer working on the XJ-7 project, a crew of six could disassemble and crate the XJ-7 in ten minutes.  The cost to develop the XJ-7 was $15,000,000.

Theft of the XJ-7

Astronaut and test pilot Kelly Wood was flying the XJ-7 when Dr. Martin Davis used laser technology to force her to land the XJ-7.  Dr. Davis was secretly working with Larry Stover in the theft of the aircraft.  Kelly Wood was implicated in the disappearance of the XJ-7 until Steve Austin helped her recover it.  (SMDM: Nightmare in the Sky)

Real World

The plane used for the XJ-7 is a TT-1 Pinto trainer.  Temco Aircraft of Dallas, Texas built the Pinto for the U.S. Navy to serve as a primary jet trainer.
Temco TT-1 Pinto c1957

Temco TT-1 trainer

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