English Titlecard also used for the Chinese version. Chinese Theme

無敵金剛 (Traditional Chinese) or 无敌金刚 (Simplified Chinese) [transcribed: wudijingang, literal English translation: Invincible Jin-Gang / Vajra] was the title used for the Chinese version of the Six Million Dollar Man. In the late 1970's the series was broadcast on the Chinese Pearl Channel in English with Chinese subtitles. Years later, the Jade Channel presented an edition that had been dubbed in Cantonese.

Title Translation

"Vajra" (金剛; pronounced "Jin Gang" in Mandarin, "Gum Kong" in Cantonese) originally is a Buddhism term, that the vajra destroys all kinds of ignorance, and itself is indestructible. However, for most people belonging to Generation X and Y in Hong Kong, the Chinese words "金剛" is most likely associated with "King Kong", as the Hong Kong movie industry decided to use "金剛" as the translation for the movie title "King Kong" when it was released.

Regardless of the origin, the term "金剛" generally associates with someone who is strong and invincible in the Chinese-speaking community in Hong Kong, if not in the entire Chinese community in general.

Translation of the Opening in TVB-dubbed Version

The content of the TVB-dubbed opening is slightly different than the English version. In particular, the part describing about building a bionic man is said through the view of a narrator in third person, rather than through Oscar Goldman in first person.

The quote is listed in the following order: Cantonese as heard, standard written Chinese, and English translation.

Flight Control: 「你而家點呀?」(你現在怎樣?)("What is your status?")

Steve Austin: 「我係照原定嘅速度飛行,繼續保持聯絡。」(我是照原定的速度飛行,繼續保持聯絡。)("I am flying at the speed as planned, continue to communicate.")

Narrator: 「太空人岳史迪﹐ 失事之後受口左重傷, 經過醫生既診斷,認為可以改造佢, 令佢變成一個左眼右手雙腳都與眾不同既超人... 喱次改造卒之成功﹐ 岳史迪而家堅強﹑ 敏捷﹑ 智勇雙全。」 ("Astronaut Yueshi Di, left seriously injured after a crash, the doctors only found out that they could perform operation on his right hand, left eye and both feet, they are superhuman... rebirth through a successful transformation, Yueshi Di is that man, wise, brave, and agile.")

Transliteration of narrator's part: `Tàikōng rén yuèshǐ dí﹐ shīshì zhīhòu shòu kǒu zuǒ zhòngshāng, jīngguò yīshēng jì zhěnduàn, rènwéi kěyǐ gǎizào qú, lìng qú biàn chéng yīgè zuǒ yǎn yòushǒu shuāng jiǎo dōu yǔ zhòng bùtóng jì chāorén... Lí cì gǎizào zú zhī chénggōng﹐ yuèshǐ dí Ér jiā jiānqiáng﹑ mǐnjié﹑ zhìyǒng shuāngquán.


Jaime Sommers was called "Shen Jen Mei" "沈珍美" in Cantonese, whereas Steve Austin's name became "Auk See Tik" "岳史迪".

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