The Wixted logo

Wixted was the name of a struggling, family-run lumbering operation. It had harvesting rights in an area on which missiles from the Stockwell Aerospace Missile Research Center were being staged in order to down Air Force Two. The company derived its name from the family that ran the operation, and was, at the time of Target in the Sky, under the control of Kelly Wixted and her foreman, Jeremy Burke.

Burke was later identified as the WIxted employee who had allowed Dr. Morton Craig to emplace the missiles on Wixted property. He was also responsible for the unlawful detention of OSI agent, Ben Cosgrove, in order to prevent knowledge of Craig's plan leaking back to the US government.

Burke's motivation for the crimes was the company's looming failure. He had been promised $100,000 by Craig, which he intended to put back into the operation of Wixted. The company's prospects were so poor that they struggled to meet their payroll obligations each pay period.

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