William T. Zacha

William T. Zacha
SMDM  A.F. Sgt. Roberts in "Survival of the Fittest"
Victor in "The Peeping Blonde"
George in "Hocus-Pocus"
BW  Raines in "A Thing of the Past"
Reunion  none
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Commonly credited as W. T. Zacha for his acting appearances, William T. Zacha is among a select group of performers that appeared a total of four times on the bionic shows, usually as a "heavy."

In addition to his onscreen roles, Zacha wrote the stories for and contributed screenplays to several episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man. In a unique circumstance, Zacha's acting and writing careers met in the episode "The Peeping Blonde", which he co-wrote and guest-starred in (he played the scarred assassin Victor).

In the case of "The Ultimate Imposter," Zacha would later return to the idea with collaborator Lionel Siegel in 1979 for a TV Movie, The Ultimate Imposter, this time without the bionic connection.

Story Written by William T. Zacha

The Six Million Dollar Man

Teleplay Written by William T. Zacha

The Six Million Dollar Man

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