“Vulture of the Andes”

S4 E8

Production 45114
Original Airdate: November 21, 1976
Episode Collage
Produced by
Lionel E. Siegel
Teleplay by
Ben Masselink
Story by
Ben Masselink
Directed by
Cliff Bole
Guest Cast
Guest Star(s)
Henry Darrow as Byron Falco
Barbara Luna as Leslie Morales
Bernie Kopell as Agent Pete Marteen
Zitto Kazann as Raul
Dallas Mitchell as Major Reynolds
Joe Haworth as Air Policeman
Kerry Sherman as Colleen Lightfoot
Broadcast Order
Season 4
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"The Bionic Boy" "The Thunderbird Connection"


Pilot Leslie Morales has come to the U.S. from the country of San Lorenzo with wealthy sportsman Byron Falco, who has a plan to seize San Lorenzo with America's unwilling help. After Leslie has dropped a certain number of homing devices on vital targets, Falco will threaten to blow up American power plants unless the U.S. furnishes him with military jets he would use to take over his homeland.




  • According to director's commentary by Cliff Bole on the DVD for this episode, Lee Majors was needed for an outside appearance by the network or studio and so the character of Agent Marteen was brought in to shoulder some of the load on the tight shooting schedule.
  • Also according to Bole's commentary is that the entire episode was based around a preexisting documentary of sail planes. Anytime you see the planes in flight is from the documentary. The planes on the ground and for closeups are actually different planes loaned by private owners.
  • The plane runway scenes were filmed up in the Lucerne Valley in California.
  • The boy who gets his feet tangled up in the tow rope is Reid Rondell who would later have a tragic death in a helicopter crash as a stuntman working on the show Airwolf in 1985.


  • The gold Ford US Agent Marteen uses is later used by the East Germans to shuttle Rau to the carnival site in "Carnival of Spies." It is distinctive because of the large dent in the driver's side rear door.

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