Gregg on Dragnet

Virginia Gregg, in one of many appearances on Dragnet.

Appeared as Mrs. Nelson

The Six Million Dollar Man

Appeared as Sarah

The Six Million Dollar Man

Appeared as Mrs. Raymond

The Six Million Dollar Man


Virginia Gregg (b. March 6, 1916 - d. September 15, 1986) first appeared on film in an uncredited role in the Alfred Hitchcock film, Nortorious (1946). Appearing in nearly forty films throughout her career, her most notable role was as the voice of "Norma Bates" in Psycho (1960), Psycho II ((1983), and Psycho III (1986).

Gregg was often associated with Jack Webb's various productions. She appeared in every incarnation of Dragnet (radio, television, and film), as well as Adam 12 and Emergency!, among others.

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