Character played by: Gary Collins
Vasily Zhukov
SMDM  Doomsday, and Counting
BW  none
Reunion  none

Vasily Zhukov was a Soviet Cosmonaut, and friend of American Astronaut Steve Austin. Zhukov was the proponent of a joint US-Soviet expedition to Mars, using an old Soviet missile installation on Kamkov Island as a base for the mission.

While the Americans are interested, a tragic earthquake at the Island intervenes. Steve returns with Zhukov to the USSR, where Zhukov's fiancée, Irina Leonova, is trapped deep inside the Kamkov installation by the earthquake. A defense system that will set off a nuclear bomb is triggered by the damage, and Steve works with Zhukov and Leonova to reach the controls so they can deactivate the bomb. While they are successful, Zhukov dies in the attempt.

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