• DarwinJones


    March 23, 2014 by DarwinJones

    I remember Bionix being mentioned i previews catalogs in 1996...It would've been a 3 issue miniseries by Rob Liefeld....From what I remember...

    Steve and Jaime return after a 15-year disappearance and the robotic Sasquatch was involved..

    Bionix is now part of a military program...

    Rudy Wells is on the run and Oscar was forced into retirement...

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  • DarwinJones

    No Cozi

    December 2, 2013 by DarwinJones

    Unfortuately, Cozi isn't available here....BTW, did you know that in the BW episode "Doomsday is Tomorrow" it mentions how a Middle East country testing a nuke started the ball rolling..???   So far in 2013 only israel has nukes...

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  • DarwinJones

    SMDM:Season 6

    October 20, 2013 by DarwinJones

    Anybody else ready for SMDM:Season 6 coming from Dynamite in feb. 2014???

    I have Directv and my package includes the COmcastNBCUniversal channels, Chiller and cloo...Since they aren't showing either SMDM or BW on Syfy (since Ghost ____ and wrestling), they could show them on cloo, but instead they showed American Pie (which I didn't know was a cop show or had a mystery that needed solving)...

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