Character played by: Donn Whyte
Tom Raintree
SMDM  The Secret of Bigfoot
The Secret of Bigfoot (Part II)
The Return of Bigfoot (flashback scene)
BW  none
Reunion  none

Tom Raintree was the OSI's contact with the geological service, as they cooperated in the placement of seismic sensors along the San Madrian fault line, near San Angelo, California. Raintree grew up on the Hoopla Indian Reservation nearby, and is familiar with Native legends of the Sasquatch. Raintree was impressed as a young boy by a man who had a look in his eyes, who his grandfather told him, had seen the Sasquatch. Later, when Ivan Bekey is discovered, Tom Raintree recognizes the look in Ivan's eyes: he, too, had seen the Sasquatch.

Tom is invaluable in coordinating with Oscar Goldman as a seismic crisis is averted by triggering a smaller quake by the detonation of a nuclear warhead.

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