Character played by: Paul Carr
Job/Career or Title Assistant to Mr. Wrona
SMDM  The Bionic Woman (episode)

The Bionic Woman (Part II)

BW  none
Reunion  none

Timberlake is an employee of Joseph Wrona. He participates in an effort to buy a plate designed for the printing of the American twenty dollar bill. When the plan is thwarted by Steve Austin, Timberlake assists Wrona in attempting to find the agent. He anticipates the day that he can get revenge for what was done to his boss. When Steve comes to Wrona's estate undercover, Timberlake waits for the opportune moment, but instead must chase the agent as he tries to make an escape. During the chase, Timberlake takes aim at Steve. Just as he shoots, his boss Joseph Wrona moves into the path of the bullet and is himself shot.

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