Thomas Bearclaw, played by Jeff Corey


Massau, 'The Night Demon' archaeological find

Thomas Bearclaw is an expert in American Indian folklore. He lives in a remote area near the Mount Harding Observation Station, approximately two miles down the road from Hawkins Service Station. He is an old and dear friend of Jaime Sommers who taught Indian Folklore at CarnegieTech, and now he lectures to her classes at Ventura Air Force Base in Ojai, California. Bearclaw has given a standing invitation to Jaime to study with him whenever she likes.

The Massau

In a discussion of the Massau ('Night Demon'), an important archaeological find, the professor states:

  • Bearclaw: "In early tribal mythology, First Man created the Universe. In his concept, the ideal state, was that in which all parts, each with its power for Good and Evil, are maintained in inter-related harmony. The balance is precarious at best but maybe upset intentionally by ghosts, witches and people who do evil. Or unintentionally by persons who break some religious taboo. [Massau] is a satanic figure with slight variations. His Good is that he protects the rest of the Dead. His bad is that once aroused he... (does his own thing)"


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