Published in 1974 and 1977, three editions of The Six Million Dollar Man Coloring Book were published by Rand McNally and licensed from Universal Studios.

All featured line-art images taken from The Six Million Dollar Man telefilms or episodes.


The first Six Million Dollar Man Coloring Book was released with a picture of Steve Austin running up from the beach on the cover, from the second telefilm, Wine, Women and War. Within were line art depictions also derived from frames of the telefilm, but with captions occasionally misidentifying the characters or other details. Instead of the standard series logo, the "tall and skinny" logo of the telefilm is used.


The first of the 1977 books also gets its cover art of Steve Austin from the telefilm Wine, Women and War, with art from an unidentified episode within. The scene depicted on the cover is Austin activating the door to Missile Silo No. 7 in Findletter's armory.

The second 1977 edition has cover art depicting Austin in Scuba gear. The artwork within is primarily taken from scenes from Wine, Women and War. Once again, that telefilm's unique logo is used instead of the series logo.


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