The Six Million Dollar Man's Secret Code Puzzles was a paperback-sized activity book for older children and teens, written by Evan Morley and Elaine Silverstein and published by Tempo Books in 1976.

The 64-page book consists of a number of mini-adventures featuring Steve Austin written in story form. In order to resolve Austin's various missions, readers need to solve a variety of rudimentary cryptographic puzzles and codes, decoding some secret messages and encoding others. Some of the puzzles are based upon real-world codes, such as one that has to be solved using Morse Code.

Included in the book are several photographs from The Six Million Dollar Man, with a single color photograph on the cover depicting a scene from "The Pioneers".

Secret Code Puzzles was one of a series of similar puzzle-based books published by Tempo tying in with both The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman. This is the only entry in the series not to be written by Rose Paul.

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