Parody SixDollarThirtyNineCentMan

"Steve Awesome: accident-prone; a man barely alive. We can rebuild him - we have permission. We can make him better than he was. Better...stronger...more fun at parties. Steve Awesome: the Six Dollar and Thirty-Nine Cent Man." (Narrated by Morgan Freeman)
The Six Dollar and Thirty-Nine-Cent Man was a sketch-comedy parody of The Six Million Dollar Man in seasons five and six of the educational television show, The Electric Company. Jim Boyd played accident-prone "Steve Awesome" who is rebuilt by the government after a skateboarding accident. The cost of the operation is six dollars and thirty-nine cents, giving him a "bionic body and a bionic brain."

Of particular importance is his "macro-bionic eyesight," giving him the ability to "look at any message, take a picture of it with his macro-bionic eyes, and then project that picture in big print on any surface," because "big print is easier to read."

Luis Avalos played Awesome's boss "Oscar" and Hattie Winston played the "General." Other cast members played villains. Sketches included missions where Steve Awesome had to "Grab the Map" and "Snatch the Plans."

The Electric Company - Grab the Map04:36

The Electric Company - Grab the Map

The Electric Company - Sneak In, Snatch the Plans05:56

The Electric Company - Sneak In, Snatch the Plans

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