“The Infiltrators”

S4 E17

Production 45113
Original Airdate: February 6, 1977
Episode Collage
Produced by
Allan Balter
Teleplay by
Sam Ross
Wilton Schiller
Directed by
Phil Bondelli
Guest Cast
Pervis Atkins as George Mason
Cliff Carnell as Duclaire
John Furlong as TV Guard
Tony Burton as Manager
Jimmy Joyce as Outside Guard
Curtis Credei as Ambulance Driver
Stuart Nisbet as Programmer
Jim Raymond as Ambulance Man
Broadcast Order
Season 4
← Previous Next →
"Fires of Hell" "Carnival of Spies"


After several foreign amateur athletes defect to the United States, Steve goes undercover as an American amateur boxing champ to infiltrate a suspected assassination team made up of the alien expatriates. While training for the bout, Steve notices that four of the foreign boxers can lift and move more than four thousand pounds together. And, using OSI computers, he and Oscar Goldman are able to pinpoint the foreigners' assassination target, but not before Steve is drugged and nearly killed.



Boris: Hey what are you trying to pull off? He's not even a heavyweight. He'll get himself killed.

Steve: For your sake I'll try and stay alive.

Lena: Boris.

Boris: What?

Lena: If he fights only half as good as he looks, you've got a winner at the box office. Okay?

Boris: Okay.

Lena: Steve, tell me something. Who are you really?

Steve: Steve Miller, America's number two ranked amateur heavyweight.

Lena: You're good, but boxing is not your profession.

Steve: Well if it isn't, I'm going to be in a lot of trouble in that ring. [Steve leaves the room]

George: Well? Lena: If he's a heavyweight boxer you're Marlon Brando.

Ambulance Man: He's still out. We close to the river yet?

Ambulance Driver: We'll be there in about five minutes.

Ambulance Man: And the deep six for Mr. America here.

Oscar: Boris, what's next?

Boris: Arm wrestling, international championship. [Pauses, then turns to Steve] Would you like to enter?

Steve: Oh no, Boris, that's a little out of my league, but thanks for asking. [He laughs, then Oscar gives Steve a look.]



  • As Steve races away in the ambulance, palm trees are visible in the background. The story is set in Washington, D.C.
  • When Steve hands the weight to Mason he holds the weight palm side down. In the next shot when Mason grabs it, Steve is holding the weight palm side up.
  • When the infiltrators break in, they record the security camera footage in "fast forward." That makes no sense.
  • The infiltrators send a gymnast through the vents to unlock the blue double doors from the inside because if they are opened from the outside, it will set off the alarm. When Steve shows up and kicks in the doors from the outside, no alarm goes off.
  • Notice when Steve jumps out of the ambulance and hits the bad guys with his left arm, we hear the bionic sounds.


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