The Hornby Island Laser Incident was an assignment involving OGA agent Clark Templeton O'Flaherty.  The particulars of the assignment are undocumented.  According to information that O'Flaherty related to Steve Austin, Clark O'Flaherty was responsible for stealing secret laser beam technology from an unnamed source located on Hornby Island.

The aftermath of the incident is unknown except for the fact that the secrets advanced the United States far ahead of other nations in laser technology. Additionally, O'Flaherty was rewarded for his success with a months vacation and a generous bonus.

Other Laser Technology

It is unknown if the laser beam technology that O'Flaherty stole from Hornby Island is related to the high-powered long-range laser weapon used by the international super-criminal known as Quail.

It is doubtful that the laser beam technology is similar to Samuel Abbott's wireless laser project, Operation Firefly, since that project was developed before the Hornby Island Laser Incident.

Sometime after the Hornby Island Laser Incident, Dr. Martin Davis utilized laser beam technology in the form of a Holographic Projector and an Ignition Breaker.  It is possible that Davis was using technology that O'Flaherty acquired during the Hornby Island Incident.

(SMDM: Clark Templeton O'Flaherty).

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