The box logo for the carriage house

The Bionic Woman Carriage House was a dollhouse for the Jaime Sommers doll. It stood at over 2 feet tall, and weighed over 32 pounds, making it by far the biggest single toy in the Kenner line of bionic-themed toys. It bore the Kenner product number 65970 and first appeared in 1977.

It was billed as "a home meant for relaxing, but designed for bionic action".

Though ostensibly meant to be representative of her home in the television series, it actually bore little resemblance to that set. Jaime's floorplan on the show had all living quarters on the upper level. Here, the bedroom is upstairs and the kitchen, dining room and living room are on the ground floor.

Moreover, the toy was misnamed from a real-life perspective. It was not a carriage house at all, because the downstairs area should actually be a stable or an area to otherwise house and fit horse-drawn carriages.

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