The Bionic Woman Annual 1977 was a hardcover book for children published in the UK in 1976. Originally retailed for £1.25.

As with other annuals of the period, the book contains a mixture of original comic strips, short stories, and activities for younger readers:

  • The Bionic Woman: Kidnapper's Strike (comic)
  • Lindsay Wagner - Alias The Bionic Woman (actress profile)
  • Guide to the Bionic Woman's Powers
  • Hijack (short story featuring Jaime Sommers)
  • Anything You Can Do (photos of Lindsay Wagner lifting a mini-cooper and asking the question how does she do it)
  • Bionics - Yesterday's Dreams ... Tomorrow's Realities (story on real life bionics)
  • Race Against Time (board game)
  • The Bionic Woman: The Heavy Mob (comic)
  • The Bionic Woman Quiz
  • Richard Anderson - Alias Oscar Goldman (actor profile)
  • O.S.I. Base Maze (game)
  • The Big Payoff (short story featuring Jaime Sommers)
  • Pictures to Paint
  • Seeing is Believing (short story featuring Jaime Sommers)
  • Anything You Can Do - how it's done (reveals the mini-cooper was lifted by an hydraulic jack)
  • The Bionic Woman: Secret of the Mountains (comic)

Interspersed are several full page photos of Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Sommers.

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