Played by Suzanne Charny


The Six Million Dollar Man

Dr. Tamara Batalova is a Russian scientist who has developed a device acting like a radar. It emits a high frequency radio signal that is capable of homing in on brainwaves. She is drugged and transported out of Russia. Whoever having arranged her exit makes certain that her government would think that she has defected. Escaping back to Russia is thus not an option for her.

In "The Privacy of the Mind", Dr. Batalova is assigned by mysterious agents to work with US neurophysicist Dr. George Berman. Dr. Berman has been working on biocybernetic communication. He has developed a computer that could tune into brain waves and organize thoughts into patterns. Unlike Dr. Batalova, Dr. Berman takes up a job voluntarily.

With Dr. Batalova's radar-like device, human thoughts can be collected and processed. Theoretically, these data could then be organised into patterns, unscrambled, and translated by the computer developed by Dr. Berman. They are thus expected to develop a device conjointly which can accurately read the mind of any person, any time, and anywhere.

Owing to national security concerns, Oscar Goldman of the OSI assigns Steve Austin as the imposter of Dr. Berman to work with Dr. Batalova. Goldman and Austin initially believe that this project initiated by mysterious enemies is concentrating on the current expertise of Dr. Berman, namely pain control. Austin thus learns as much as he can about pain control before going out to the field. Dr. Batanova soon notes that this imposter is almost completely ignorant in biocybernetic communication, and is thus not the genuine Dr. Berman. Together, they must work out a plan of escape.

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