Stephanie powers
Stefanie Powers
Born November 2, 1942
SMDM  Shalon in "The Secret of Bigfoot"
and The Secret of Bigfoot (Part II)
and The Return of Bigfoot
BW  Shalon in "The Return of Bigfoot (Part II)"
Reunion  none
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Stefanie Powers (whose first name is frequently misspelled "Stephanie") is a longtime TV actress who is perhaps best known for her glamorous roles, particularly in the long-running Thin Man-inspired mystery series, Hart to Hart in the early 1980s. She also starred in the short-lived Man from UNCLE spin-off, The Girl from UNCLE in the mid-1960s. According to The Bionic Book by Herbie J. Pilato, Powers was at one point briefly considered for the role of Jaime Sommers.

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