Stacey O'Brien
SMDM  none
BW  Stacy in "Road to Nashville"
Terry in "Deadly Ringer"
Terry in "Deadly Ringer (Part II)"
Reunion  none
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Guest Starred as Stacy

The Bionic Woman

Guest Starred as Terry

The Bionic Woman



In Deadly Ringer, Lisa Galloway jokes about pretending to be Jaime Sommers while in prison, " identity crisis was just bound to happen!" Perhaps she's really talking about actress Stacey O'Brien who plays the blonde guitar strumming student who likes to spend whole weekends studying vacuoles. In Road to Nashville she is given the character name Stacy (no 'e') -- but in the episode she is called Patty. In the Deadly Ringer two-parter the E is dropped again but this time in her actor credit: Stacy O'Brien. The charcater she plays is named Terry -- yet she is never actually referred to by that name in the episode. In fact, the name Terry doesn't even appear on the classroom seating chart (which is shown twice). Confused? That's okay. After all, there is a name on the chart that corresponds to where Terry sits in the episode: Stacey O'Brian.

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