Smdm doll ca arms box
Smdm doll ca arms

Critical Assignment Arms were an optional set of replacement bionic arms for the Steve Austin action figure. Included were:

  • a "laser" arm which contained a violet flashlight activated by pulling back the hand
  • a karate chop arm with accessory pistol that would spring downward at the elbow
  • an oxygen tank arm complete with mask and hose concealed in an internal compartment with door

All of the arms had a latex skin that could be, and in some cases had to be, rolled back in order to access or "repair" removable components contained within the body of the arm.


  • Though obviously marketed as a part of the television franchise, in fact the arms owe their existence more precisely to the Martin Caidin Cyborg novels. To a much greater degree than was ever depicted on screen, the literary Steve Austin tended to have mission-specific bionic features in each new adventure.

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