Corrected StEmile and Santa Ventura

Location of St. Emile Island

St. Emile Island
is the location of Dr. Franklin's base, located 90 miles Southeast of Jamaica.

Locating St. Emile Island for the mission

Real World

Even though St. Emile Island is considered to be a fictitious island, it's real-world counterpart would probably be Bermuda. In the close-ups of the Saint Emile Island map, you can easily read names like Trimingham Hill, Bostock Hill, and Hamilton which are all places on the island of Bermuda, latter one being its capital. The shape of Saint Emile Island also corresponds to the shape of Bermuda.

On the close up of the map from the episode Kill Oscar, the word "BERMUDA" can be seen faintly behind the new legend "St. Emile Island."

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