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“Return of Deathprobe”

S5 E14

Production 47301
Original Airdate: 22 January 1978
'The Probe' is reactivated
Written by
Howard Dimsdale
Directed by
Tom Connors III
Guest Cast
Guest Star(s)
Ken Swofford as Dan Kelly
David Sheiner as Arnold Blake
Than Wyenn as Ambassador Mahmoud
Robert Lussier as Bates
Marlena Giovi as Sgt. Warren
Jimmy Joyce as Foreman
Ken Chandler as Rudy's Assistant
Broadcast Order
Season 5
← Previous Next →
"Just a Matter of Time" "Return of Deathprobe (Part II)"
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Korami, a hostile Middle East nation constructs a probe, using information stolen from the Soviet Union about the metal alloy, that is then unleashed on the United States as part of a plan to extort from the U.S. Steve and Oscar are introduced to the probe, the sound of which Steve recognizes before it comes around a hillside.



Dan: That's the only possible explanation.

Steve: There is one other. This isn't the alloy that was made in that melt. It was substituted so the real alloy could be easily stolen after tempering.

Rudy: How could that happen? Dan was in charge of that alloy from the instant it left the furnace until ...

Steve: Any comment, Dan?

Oscar: What do you think you're going to get, a short term in the federal penitentiary? Let me tell you something, ou have stolen defense secrets. By the time you get out of there you won't be good for anything but a rocking chair and a cane.

Dan: I don't really think I'll be going to prison.

Oscar: Well you're either a dreamer or a certified psychopath. [Takes a call from the "secretary"]. The ambassador to Korami was kidnapped this morning. He's being held hostage and will be killed unless we release him.

Arnold: Any decision what course of action we're going to take?

Oscar: Mahmoud is King Faoud's cousin.

Arnold: We don't give in to terrorists.

Oscar: Arnold, I assume that I have autonomy to free the ambassador once we receive instructions from the kidnappers.

Arnold: Autonomy, prayers, best wishes. You name it, you've got it Oscar.

Oscar: Arnold, what a surprise to see you. I didn't expect you.

Arnold: Oscar, you have the edge on us chair-bound bureaucrats. Yes sir, you get out into the field.

Oscar: Well I see you here. It must be very important, you flying all the way to see me.

Arnold: Oh, it is, it is. Its also a pleasure to get out of my office. I think the walls were charred. I had an interview with the Russian ambassador.

Oscar: Is that so. What did he have to say?

Arnold: Well I accused him in the most diplomatic language of course, of sending the probe to tear up the country. I've known that man for a very long time. He can be charming and impossible, tough and generous; but the one thing he is not is a very good actor. He hasn't fooled me yet. The ambassador said in the most undiplomatic language that the Russians didn't send it, and I believe him.

Mahmoud: I'm sorry. Jamming won't help.

Oscar: You haven't answered my question. Mr. Ambassador, how did you know about that?

Mahmoud: You see the probe was preprogrammed to act in the event of any failure of radio communications.

Steve: Your kidnapping was a set up to spring Dan Kelly. You're involved in this whole caper.

Mahmoud: I might be. I want to help you, and myself.

Oscar: And yourself.

Mahmoud: But I do.

Steve: Alright. What do you really want?

Mahmoud: Two nuclear warheads.

Oscar: You must be out of your mind!




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