Spencer Milligan as Reed, on board a fateful flight.

Character played by: Spencer Milligan
Job/Career or Title thug
SMDM  none
BW  Fly Jaime
Reunion  none

Biography == Reed was one of two thugs hired to kill Dr. Rudy Wells while he was taking a plane flight from Brazil, with Jaime as his bodyguard posing as a flight attendant. He and his partner Connors were working for a third person known as "Bobbie" who was a passenger on the same plane. Originally their plan was to kill the doctor while in mid flight, then bail out. A storm ruined their plan by forcing the plane to crash land on a remote island, but when they learned help would be delayed in coming, they tried to take advantage of the situation by luring Rudy into a swamp and then set him up to be bit by a poisonous snake. After Jaime thwarted this plan, and then decided to camp out with Rudy until help arrived, they waited until after dark to lure the doctor out into the open long enough to shoot him. Reed however was bit by a snake, and was left by his two cohorts to die while they continued to try to kill Rudy. He survived however, and was last seen being carried off to a rescue plane on a stretcher while his cohorts were carted off by the authorities, having been captured by Jaime.

Portrayed By


The Bionic Woman

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