Character played by: Steve Forrest
Job/Career or Title international master criminal,

smuggler, extortionist, mercenary

SMDM  "The Last of the Fourth of Julys"
BW  none
Reunion  none

The man known only as "Quail" is an international master criminal wanted by the United States government for serious crimes including the supply of black market arms and gold smuggling.  It is unknown if Quail is his actual name or a codename.

In "The Last of the Fourth of Julys," Quail has developed an high power, long-range laser that he intends to use to kill a number of world leaders by deflecting its beam from an orbiting satellite.

Quail's last known whereabouts were the laser control room of his island base.  OSI presumed that Quail did not survive the explosion of the laser that destroyed Quail's facility.


The details of Quail's personal life, origins, and history are mostly unknown.

Quail's motivation for his criminal activity appears to be profit.  Quail's plot to assassinate world leaders using the reflected laser weapon was in the employ of a man named Mr. Ives, who paid Quail $10,000,000 in gold into a Swiss bank account for the assasination. Thus, Quail appears to be a contracted mercenary dealing in hi-tech projects. 


Quail leads a group of specialists and technicians to aid him in his operation involving the laser weapon.  It is reasonable to assume that Quail has access to a network of criminal agents.

Quail appears to have a significant amount of material and financial resources at his disposal.  In addition to his ability to employ specialists to aid in his operations, Quail appears to have the resources to acquire hi-tech equipment and a private, secure island on which he has constructed a base of operations. 

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