Psycactin-3 is a serum developed by Dr. Cheryl Osborne for the OSI. The goal of the research was to produce a biological compound that would enhance intelligence.

In animal trials, Dr. Osborne observed that brain wave scans did indicate increased intelligence, however the serum also produced paranoia. In addition to enhancing intelligence, Psycactin-3 was observed to enhance physcial strength. Adrenaline and pituitary levels increased 220% over normal and often higher.

Negative side-effects of Psycactin-3 included dehydration, photophobia, hyperactivity and eventually death.

Dr. Osborne eventually developed an anti-serum that reversed the effects of Psycactin-3. This anti-serum was administered successfully to Rudy Wells when Psycactin-3 entered into his bloodstream from the bite of a chimpanzee dosed with the serum.

(SMDM: The Most Dangerous Enemy)

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