A phase lock magneton is alien technology used by the colonists and deep space explorers of the San Angelo complex in California.  The device creates an impenetrable field of magnetic force.  The purpose of the phase lock magneton is to shield a structure against any and all attacks. 

SMDM ReturnBig12aa

Faler and Nedlick work on the phase lock magneton

The breakaway group of Colonists led by Nedlick attempted to create a phase lock magneton in order to protect their new headquarters in Mexico.  Nedlick coerced the Sasquatch to steal the elements needed to develop the device.  Those elements include gold, emeralds, a rare radioactive isotope of Boron-3, and a dense titanium alloy.  Nedlick and his group were unsuccessful in their attempt to create the phase lock magneton. (SMDM & BW: The Return of Bigfoot).

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