You may be looking for one of the other comic publications listed at The Bionic Woman (comics) or The Six Million Dollar Man (comics)

Os Biônicos (literally, The Bionics) was a 1979 Brazillian comic magazine published by Ebal. Published quarterly until 1980, the six-issue title had an unusual format which allowed Jaime and Steve to share the title without being teamed up. Odd numbered issues were devoted to Jaime; even, to Steve.

When featuring Jaime, it bore the subtitle "Mulher Biônica". With Steve, the issues were labelled, "Cyborg". However, the subtitles were in much bigger letters, making these appear to be the real title of the publication. The numbering system, however, clearly suggests the reverse was true.

The cover artworks suggest these may have been translated reprints of the British Look-in picture strips, being based on the art by John M. Burns (The Bionic Woman) and Martin Asbury (The Six Million Dollar Man).

Cover images

Cover images were generally painted with vibrant watercolors, which allowed for a nuanced use of shading and page composition, atypical of the majority of the world's "bionic comics".

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