The Olympic Sports Auditorium is located in a seedy area at 818 Vermont Ave. S.W. Washington, D. C., and is managed by Mel Bigelow. Boxing is scheduled every Thursday, and wrestling on Wednesday and Friday nights. The sports arena specializes in lady wrestling, and hosts a "tag team championship title bout" between partners "Mad Mary Maddox" and the "Fabulous Franci Fonzo" versus "Amazon April Armitage" and "The Spider Lady".

The building is equipped with a cage that lifts to the ceiling then lowers into the ring. However, it is no longer used due to an incident in which "Mad Mary" nearly suffocated due to the bad air near the ceiling. (In This Corner, Jaime Sommers)

Training Schedule

  • Training for boxing is scheduled for Mondays and Tuesdays from 8am to 4pm (men) and Thursdays from 8am to 3pm (woman).
  • Training for wrestling is scheduled for Wednesdays 8am to 4pm (men) and Fridays 8am to 4pm (women).


  • The site used for Washington, D. C.'s "Olympic Sports Auditorium" is the Grand Olympic Auditorium located in the heart of Los Angeles, California at 1801 S. Grand Ave. The arena is on the north-west corner of S. Grand Ave and W. Washington Blvd (the street sign can be seen when Jaime Sommers first arrives at the Auditorium).

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