OGA is an ultra-secret U.S. espionage organization.  The structure of the OGA and the identity of its personnel is highly classified.  The meaning of the abbreviation "OGA" is unknown outside of the organization. 

According to Oscar Goldman, director of the OSI, most people on Capitol Hill are not even aware of the existence of the OGA.  Steve Austin, an OSI operative with level 6 security clearance, had never heard of the OGA.  However, knowledge of the OGA does not seem to be related to any level of security clearance within the OSI or the government.  Oscar Goldman is perhaps aware of the OGA through unofficial sources and back-channel networking.  Goldman does know that Bill McAdams is the director of the OGA. 

Based on what little is known about the OGA, the organization seems to operate in an unofficial capacity and its methods could be considered legally questionable.  For instance, OGA agent Clark Templeton O'Flaherty stole documents from the OSI in the course of his assignment.  In other assignments for the OGA, O'Flaherty stole documents (Dazhavik Memorandum) and classified technology (The Hornby Island Laser Incident).  The theft of technology may have even been from nations that would be considered allies of the United States.

Agents of the OGA do not carry identification and their status as OGA operatives can only be confirmed by officials with the OGA.  Given the clandestine and questionable nature of OGA operations, this may allow for plausible deniability by the government.  This arrangement may be very similar to that of the United States and the IMF.

Known Agents

Bill McAdams - Director of the OGA.  McAdams reluctantly admitted to Oscar Goldman that Clark Templeton O'Flaherty was an OGA agent.  He denied that O'Flaherty was under orders to steal OSI documents.  However, McAdams may have been concealing the truth.

Clark Templeton O'Flaherty - Operative for the OGA.  O'Flaherty's status within the organization is difficult to define since nothing is known about the internal structure of the OGA.

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