The population of Norris appears to be dead.

The tiny population of Norris, California falls victim to a blast of ultrahigh frequency alpha waves. These waves are produced by an experimental weapon developed under government research project, H432. The project's chief officer, Dr. Stanley Bacon, having gone rogue, threatens to use the weapon on another town unless his demand for ten million dollars is met (Population Zero).

Norris is an extremely small town, with a population of 23 and an elevation above sea level of 1012 feet. It is located about 20 miles from Steve and Jaime's high school in Ojai, and as such Steve made many friends in the hamlet.


Despite its apparently tiny population, Norris is surprisingly well-developed, including what appears to be a downtown-like area (as seen in the epilogue of "Population Zero"). This might suggest the town had a much larger population at one point - or the population sign (which defines Norris as a "city") is considerably out of date!

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