Noah Beery, also credited as Noah Beery Jr. (1913-1994), was a longtime film and TV character actor who appeared in two episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man as different characters.

Beery started out as a child actor in silent films (his namesake father was also an actor), and his earliest known film credits date in 1920, including a silent Zorro film. In 1937, he appeared in Squadron of Doom, one of the very first films produced for the then-new medium of television (predating the traditional networks by a decade). Some of his well-known films included Sergeant York, Rocketship X-M, Inherit the Wind. Among his many TV credits included a 1970 appearance on The Virginian - by then renamed The Men from Shiloh and co-starring Lee Majors.

Around the time of his two Six Million Dollar Man appearances, Beery was a popular TV fixture for his role as Rocky Rockford, detective Jim Rockford's dad in The Rockford Files.

His final TV appearance was a guest spot on The Love Boat in 1986.

Six Million Dollar Man appearances

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