The mother of Da Nay is never seen on stage. in the episode "The Lost Island", she is a Zanan hiding with her people behind the shield in a Pacific island, as Zanans have no immune defence against bacterias and viruses on Earth.

In 1958, Walter Jensen, famous anthropologist and amateur yachtsman, reaches the shield during an electrical storm aboard his schooner Shara. Somehow the storm neutralizes the shield, and he gets through. He lands on the island, badly injured. He is found by the Zanans, who are afraid to go near him.

Jensen is left for three days and nights. A Zanan lady cannot stand to hear his cries of pain any longer. She goes to him, feeds him, and takes care of him. They are in isolation for one year. Da Nay is later born to them. The mother of Da Nay soon departs, presumably from infectious diseases.

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