Morgantown, Georgia was the setting of Bo Willis' illegal distilley operation.  Willis maintained control of a majority of buisnesses and local law enforcement under Sherrif Weems.

Steve Austin went to Morgantown to investigate the death of a friend and fellow agent who was investigating Bo Willis' operation and his connection to officials in Washington, D.C.

Morgantown is a fictional city.  Its exact location in Georgia is unspecified but, according to Oscar Goldman, it is near Atlanta. (The White Lightning War)

Known Residents

  • Bo Willis - operator of an illegal distillery and criminal boss.
  • Sherrif Weems - associate of Willis.  Weems is a corrupt official.
  • Kermit - works for Willis.  Self-proclaimed "right hand man" to Willis.
  • Johnny - works for Willis.
  • Middy - shop owner.  Her husband was killed by Willis and his men.  Middy led Oscar Goldman and the O.S.I. to Steve's rescue at the refinery.  Her testimony was crucial in the conviction of Bo Willis.

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