Mike Power The Atomic Man was an action figure produced by Hasbro in the mid-1970s as part of its G.I. Joe Adventure Team line of 12-inch dolls for boys. Created specifically as competition for Kenner's Six Million Dollar Man action figure, Mike Power was an atomic-powered cyborg with a bionic-style right arm that rotated (powering a mini-helicopter), an atomic right eye (which reflected light via a lens on the top of the doll's head; tapping one's finger over the lens gave the illusion that his eye was blinking), and one single atomic-powered leg.

Two versions of this toy were sold: the American version by Hasbro had painted hair, while the UK equivalent had simulated "flocked" hair like that used by the G.I. Joes of the time. A Secret Stronghold playset was also available.

A brief comic strip was published as an advertisement for the toy. In the storyline, which details Power trying out for a place on the Adventure Team it is established that Power's atomic arm is capable of lifting 10,000 lbs., that he is somehow able to run as fast as 200 mph on a single atomic leg (the physics of which are not dwelled upon), and his atomic eye is capable of seeing through six feet of solid metal.

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