Melissa Greene
SMDM  Run, Steve, Run
BW  none
Reunion  none
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Melissa Greene was born to writer/lyricist Mort Greene and model/actress Jan Wiley, and was a protégé of Executive Producer Harve Bennett, who was very enthusiastic about her prospects[1]. Though she appeared in the film Electra Glide in Blue with Elisha Cook, Jr., Greene mainly appeared in episodic television, including Lucas Tanner (1974) with John Elerick. In 1975, she played the title character in the Rockford Files episode, "Aura Lee, Farewell", which also starred Lindsay Wagner. However, after only a few television appearances, she suddenly decided to quit acting to concentrate on a writing career. As of 2006, Greene lives in Pennsylvania and teaches a writing class called "Write From the Heart".



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