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"Lee and Me" was a TV production starring comediac actor, Jamie Kennedy and Lee Majors. The show parodies The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman series. A pilot was filmed for the Fox Network but was never broadcast.


Lee shows Joel his PRICK





Joel and Lee

Joel, a disgraced dentist after a malpractice lawsuite suffers through life with chronic back pain. Lee Majors, a bitter, self absorb hasbeen TV star takes Joel under his wing and performes a "bionic" back surgery as well as replacing all his limbs in his secret lab.


Joel's bionic surgery


  • Airdate: Unaired
  • Produced by:
  • Story by: Matthew Salsberg
  • Teleplay by: Matthew Salsberg
  • Directed by: Paul Dinello



Joel: A bionics lab?

Lee: No that was a made up word for TV

Joel: Are you sure because I think it's in the Dictionary ?

Lee: Look, I couldn't get the rights. Can we drop it?

Lee: Besides... I came up with a better word.... Prostatic Replacement Integrated Cyber Konnects ... also known as PRICK. Get it?

Joel: Yeah I get it. You're insane.

Lee: My PRICK works Joel. I used it on a monkey.


  • The original score by Oliver Nelson is used throughout the pilot.
  • The original bionic sound effects is used including Steve's eye and Jaime's ear.
  • This episode mentions the current issues of Martin Caidin's "bionic" rights being tied up forcing the Lee Majors character to rename his bionic project to a racey acronym.


  • Actor Jamie Kennedy has posted this unaired pilot on his website.


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