Major Chooka

Major Chooka

Major Chooka was an officer in the Kataran military.  He led the forces that were searching for the L-5 spy plane piloted by Josh Perkins.  After a farmer's son, Jajamin, spotted Steve Austin parachuting into Katara, Major Chooka began searching for Austin in a renewed attempt to locate the plane.

Chooka suspected that Sister Anneti and Sister Terese were hiding "the parachutist" in their mission.  He confronted the sisters and they denied seeing the parachutist.  Major Chooka demonstrated his ruthlessness by threatening the nuns with serious consequences if he discovered that they were helping Katara's enemies.

Chooka's superior orders him and his troops to return to the lowlands to search for the downed plane, however the Major demonstrates his cunning by leaving Sgt. Bajad behind to spy on the mission. (Little Orphan Airplane).

Major Chooka is played by Scoey Mitchell.

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