Character played by: Erik Estrada
Aram Sakari
Job/Career or Title Prince of Kutan, Major (Kutan Air Force), Pilot
SMDM  The Deadly Test
BW  none
Reunion  none
Major Aram Sakari is the heir to the throne of Kutan.  He is a pilot in Kutan's military.  Aram Sakari was training in the test pilot school directed by Col. Joe Gordon at Edwards Air Force Base

Sakari was part of a study team with Lt. Jan Simmons.  Sakari was the pilot and Simmons was the flight engineer.

Major Sakari was the target of a plot to stage his murder as an accident.  The plot was instigated by Kutan's Prime Minister, who had contracted Dr. Winslow to use an electronic jamming device to crash Sakari's aircraft. 

After the prime minister of Kutan was jailed for the attempted murder, Sakari dropped out of test pilot training and returned to Kutan.

Aram Sakari is played by Erik Estrada (The Deadly Test).

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