Character played by: Bibi Besch
The Madonna Caper - Countess Korischeva
Lysandra Korischeva
SMDM  The Madonna Caper
BW  none
Reunion  none

Countess Lysandra Korischeva, descendant of a Latvian royal family, is a world-renowned curator and art restorer.

In "The Madonna Caper", Korischeva is supposed to retrieve a microdot containing vital information on the Warsaw Pact missile deployment system concealed in a painting The Byzantine Madonna. Steve Austin foils a museum's security system so that she can get her hand on the painting.

During the process, however, Korischeva switches a fake for the five-million-dollar masterpiece without the knowledge of Steve. Korischeva is preparing to sell the Byzantine Madonna to a collector Chilton Kane at five million dollars, to buy the freedom of hundreds of people unjustly imprisoned for political and religious reasons.

When Oscar Goldman learns of the substitution, he orders Steve to get it back before the imminent visit of a Russian art expert.

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