A 1976 issue that featured all the main characters on the front cover.

Look-in is a weekly magazine that has been published in the United Kingdom since the early 1970s. The magazine is aimed at children and teenage readers, and during the 1970s focused mostly upon features related to television programs, both domestic and imported. Many of the programs featured were broadcast, or produced, by the country's ITV-affiliated broadcasters. The magazine was often referred to as "The Junior TV Times", a reference to "TV Times", a national television listings magazine which focused on non-BBC programming (the BBC had its own listings publication, Radio Times).

Both The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman were featured in long-running comic strips during the mid-1970s. Each story ran in a serial format, with each installment covering two pages, so the average complete storyline usually took a couple of months to complete. Both strips were initially in color, later changing to black-and-white as they were shifted off the magazine's color pages.

Following the cancellation of both series in America, the individual comic strips also came to an end, to be replaced by a new series, Bionic Action which teamed Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers in a series of duet adventures. The Bionic Action strip came to an end in November 1979.

Besides the comic strips, Austin and Sommers were also reguarly featured on the front covers, along with, on occasion, Oscar Goldman. During the 1970s, rather than photographs, Look-in used illustrated covers usually based upon publicity photographs. Such was the case with the bionic duo's numerous appearances on the covers.

Look-In Bionic comic strip series

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