Character played by: Joan Pringle
African Connection - Leona Mumbassa
Leona Mombassa
SMDM  none
BW  African Connection
Reunion  none

Leona Kantu is born in around 1949 in an African country. She pursues college education in Carnegie Tech, and becomes a friend of Jaime Sommers.

Upon graduation, Leona returns to her African home country. She starts teaching school, as an elementary circuit rider - five villages everyday over a 40 mile circle. She meets and marries the opposition leader Kampa Mombassa, 20 years older than her.

The couple then fights military dictator Azzar. When they begin beating him with words and ideas, Azzar has Mombassa murdered. Most of his tribe is soon exterminated.

In a subsequent presidential election, all presidential candidates agree to return to the neutrality of their own village until the election is over. Leona is almost killed during her stay in her village.

With the help of Jaime, Leona Mombassa finally becomes President of the country.

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