Character played by: Dana Elcar
SMDM NightmareSky17.stver
Larry Stover
Job/Career or Title pilot, aeronautics engineer
SMDM  "Nightmare in the Sky"
BW  none
Reunion  none

Larry Stover is an employee of the company that developed the XJ-7 aircraft. Stover worked with Kelly Wood, test pilot of the XJ-7.

Stover was arrested for conspiring with Dr. Martin Davis to steal the XJ-7 and sell it.  Plans had been made to sell the XJ-7 in Paris, presumably on the black market for arms.  Steve Austin and Kelly Wood, recovered the XJ-7. 

Stover attempted to escape in a Mitsubishi Zero, but he was forced down by a squadron of fighters deployed from Ventura Air Force Base.

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