Character played by: Larry Czonka
Larry bronco
Larry Bronco
Family/Relatives Pam Bronco
Spouse(s) (if any:)
SMDM  One of Our Running Backs Is Missing
BW  none
Reunion  none

Larry Bronco is an NFL Running Back and Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl VII. He's also a friend and former high school football teammate of Steve Austin.


On the night before a championship game during their senior year, Steve and Larry taunt rival Stowe High School by posting jeering signs in front of the school. Stowe's team becomes so riled-up, they go on to win the game 60-0.

Personal Details

  • Larry and his wife, Pam know that Steve works for the government, although to what extent is unclear. They are, however, on a first name basis with Oscar Goldman.
  • Pam has a brother who owns a ranch outside of Pasadena.
  • Larry and Pam plan to buy their own ranch near Larry's hometown in Ohio.

One of Our Running Backs Is Missing

Oscar has business in Pasadena and Steve tags along to catch Bronco in a game at the Rose Bowl. But when Bronco is kidnapped, Steve discovers that fellow football player Bobby La Port and his ex-con brother Rick are scheming to keep Larry out of the game so that they can cash in on bets they've made against the point spread. Steve tracks them down but is captured while freeing Larry. The two ultimately make their escape by way of an epic scrimmage game.

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