Larry Alexander was a television writer most active in the 1970s. Though he contributed few episodes to The Six Million Dollar Man, he is perhaps most notable for writing the screenplay, and helping to come up with the story, for The Solid Gold Kidnapping. As the final pilot movie, "Kidnapping" more firmly established many of the elements that would come to dominate the series. Especially evident in his finished screenplay was a meaningful role for Steve Austin's boss. Where the previous two pilots had portrayed first Oliver Spencer, then Goldman himself, in a largely adversarial, hard-nosed light, "Kidnapping" instilled Oscar with humanity and made Steve and Oscar "pals". His screenplay was thus the first adventure in which Steve was fully, and quite happily, a part of the OSI team.

Outside of The Six Million Dollar Man, Alexander sold scripts to many of the most popular hour-long dramas of the 1970s, including Fantasy Island, Charlie's Angels, CHiPS, The Man from Atlantis, Project U.F.O., Barnaby Jones, and Cannon.


The Six Million Dollar Man

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