The Pyramid - Relics2

The Pyramid – Ky's people teach Earth people to construct cave drawings, hieroglyph, and Mayan Jaguar Gods.

The Pyramid - Relic

The Pyramid – Ky teaches Earth people to construct the Stonehenge and Nazca Lines.

Ky's people are aliens. As described in "The Pyramid", they are most likely coming from another galaxy in the same Virgo Supercluster as the Milky Way Galaxy.

In around 6000 BC, Ky's people land on Earth and teach early humans to construct Illizi Cave Drawings (since 6000 BC), Hieroglyph (since 3400 BC), and Mayan Jaguar Gods (dates uncertain). Around 3022 BC, Ky's people depart from Earth, leaving Ky behind as a sentinel.

From around 3022 BC to around 1500 AD, Ky himself teaches Earth people to construct the Stonehenge (3100 BC - 2000 BC), Nazca Lines (400 AD - 650 AD), and Easter Island Statues (1250 AD - 1500 AD).

Jaime Sommers and Chris Williams are given to know that the sodium-chemical chain used in an ozone-seeding rocket will conflict with the electromagnetic propulsion system of the ship of Ky's people, leading it to explode. Ky's people will then retaliate. Jaime has to attain an artificial crystal and lend her nuclear power source so that Ky could warn his people not to reach Earth.

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