Location of Kutan (speculative)

Kutan is the home country of Major Aram Sakari, Prince of Kutan. 

Kutan is described as the wealthiest nation in the world and a place where "the women walk one step behind the men."  Kutan is presumably located in proximity to the Sinai Desert.  It is at least close enough for Kutan's military to fly jets into the Sinai on missions.  This is established by the fact that David Levy of the Israeli Air Force shot down a a pilot from Kutan over the Sinai Desert.

The government of Kutan includes a royal family and a parliament.  Sakari's father was the King of Kutan.  Prime Minister Chadal was the head of parliament.  Chadal attempted to stage Aram Sakari's death so that he could take over the rule of Kutan.

It is uncertain if there were political tensions between Israel and Kutan, or if there was only a personal hatred between David Levy and Aram Sakari.  (The Deadly Test)

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