Character played by: Britt Ekland
Katrina Volana
Job/Career or Title Soviet Undersecretary of Special External Security
SMDM  Wine, Women and War
BW  none
Reunion  none

Katrina Volana is a character in the second Six Million Dollar Man pilot telefilm, Wine, Women and War. Played by Britt Ekland, Katrina is a Soviet agent working with Alexi Kaslov. She initially meets Steve Austin on an aircraft heading for the Caribbean, and is offended when Austin makes the mistaken assumption that she is an escort hired by his friend Harry Donner. Later, she meets Austin again, this time accompanied by Kaslov, who assigns her the job to keeping Austin out of the way while Kaslov negotiates an arms deal with Arlen Findletter. Although there are romantic sparks between Austin and Katrina, he escapes her supervision, but later rescues her from Findletter's armoury before it's destroyed in a nuclear explosion.

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